Cafe au Lait

This is a collection of about 184 recipes – a guide to authentic Haitian food with many cross-cultural recipes made from scratch with simple ingredients. A scrapbook of Haitian culture and everyday living as well as special events is woven … Read More

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Thoughts of Mozambique Cookbook

Pensamentos de Mocambique. Compiled by Karla Ensz. A mission friendly cookbook, with 598 basic recipes from former missionaries. 290 pages; coil-bound.

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Dolly the Milk Cow

Helga Moser. Read about a patient, faithful milk cow that always led the other cows to the barn at milking time, even when it was dark or icy. Illustrated by David W. Miller. Part of the Pleasant Valley Farm Series, … Read More

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From the White House to the Amish

Katrina Hoover Lee.  Thomas Kirkman grew up in a happy church-going family. He joined the military, worked in the Graphics and Calligraphy Office in the White House, and became a CIA agent. His life has led him to believe that … Read More

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A Faithful Witness

Teresa Flora. A look at Civil War time through the story of a conservative family. Opposing armies moved throught the area by turns, helping themselves to livestock and food. Historical fiction, it is loosely based on the lives of real … Read More

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Parables From Peru

Harvey Mast. A book written by a Peruvian missionary about his experiences in that country and the lessons they taught him. Written in parable style using antiquated language to tell spiritual truths, it is at times amusing and heartrending. 126 … Read More

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The Warrior’s Shield

Dennis Chambers. Robbing rich barons and squires is dangerous, but Young Alaric wants the life of a high- wayman. One day he meets a soldier of the King on a forest trail, and he and others are persuaded to visit … Read More

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TGS Giant Print KJV Bible Simulated Leather

Giant print King James Version Bible with clear, easy-to-read 12 point type. Includes a presentation page, words of Christ in red, a basic concordance and a few other study helps, and 8 colored maps. Cover is charcoal color simulated leather. … Read More

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Adventure in Cooking – Guatemalan Cuisine

A collection of Guatemalan recipes compiled by Teresa Toews de Herrera. Here is your guide to cooking traditional Guatemalan fare! Recipes for appetizers, beverages, soups, salads, vegetables, main dishes, tortillas, breads, and desserts are all included. The recipes use common … Read More

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Whispers of Hope

30 songs, from Janarro or Tanya, except one from Loretta Smith. Songs have not been in other books.

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