Conference Reports, Spanish, 1896-2015

Conference Reports (Spanish). The decisions of General Conferences from 1896 to 2015. Paperback; 118 pages; Gospel Publishers.

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Footprints in the Ash

In the early morning hours of May 18, 1980, the pristine scenery around Washington’s Mount St. Helens was shattered by a powerful explosion that devastated its north slope. In the aftermath, amid the rivers of mud, blankets of ash, and eerie … Read More

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Journey Through the Ark Encounter

This book is an overview of the Ark Encounter exhibit in Williamstown, Kentucky. It will be of interest to people who have been there or are planning to go soon. This well-illustrated book shows how it could have been during … Read More

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Holman Compact Ultrathin Bible, Genuine Leather

Words of Christ in Red, no references, eight full-color maps, ribbon marker. Black Genuine leather custom bound for Gospel Publishers. A quality Bible suitable for children and youth. Page size is 4 x 6¼ in.; thickness is ¾ in. Genuine … Read More

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Born to Die

Angela K. Zehr. The setting of this story is Switzerland in the year 1527. Eighteen-year-old Annabelle wants life to continue in the traditional way, happy and undisturbed. But many people are turning away from the state church as a result … Read More

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Betteken’s Refuge

Diane Yoder. When persecution comes to the city of Antwerp in 1573, Betteken Wens is afraid the priest will find out that her father is an Anabaptist minister. Then Betteken’s mother Maeyken is captured and imprisoned for her faith. Her … Read More

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Where are the Children?

Alice Warkentin. The Schmitt family, consisting of Pa and Ma, six children and Granny, have their sights set on a great dream – emigrate to America, find a homestead, and live on their own farm. But setbacks, illness, and tragedy … Read More

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Mysterious Signal

Lois Walfrid Johnson. Freedom Seekers Book 5. This book continues the story of Libby Norstad and the other Freedom Seekers as they help slaves escape on the Underground Railroad and try to get Pa’s loan payment made in time. And … Read More

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Ben Carson

Janet and Geoff Benge. Young Ben Carson had a tough start in life. His mother’s motto was to always do your best, and she taught Ben and his brother that reading books was the way to learn. Through some difficult … Read More

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This Side of the Global Wall

Gary Miller. Using charts, pictures, and efficient prose, this book brings some statistics into sharp focus. It shows how much of the world’s wealth is concentrated among a few people and how much Americans spend on their pets, lawns, hunting, … Read More

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