Bliew Bie Mie

Translated by Ann Groening and arranged by Katelyn Goossen. These are well-known hymns translated into Low German with shaped notes. 77 songs; coil-bound.

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Die Bibel

German Bible, Luther Translation, 1912 edition. Old and New Testaments. In-line verse references and subject headings. Black letter only, features a 39-page concordance, color maps, 2 ribbon markers. Verlag der Lutherischen Buchhandlung. 186F, Black hardcover.

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Louis Segond 1910 Bible, brown imitation leather

A Bible with larger-than-standard font size to allow easy-reading. Introduction to each book; Chapter and section headings; References, 4 colour maps; Red letter edition. Brown flexcover, gilt edges;  thumb index;  ribbon marker. 8¾ x 6¼ x1½ inches. Alliance Biblique Universelle

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Louis Segond 1910 Bible, large print

Introduction to each book, chapters and sections headings, references,  bookmarker, colour maps, Words of Jesus in red. Imitation leather binding, gilt edges. 9¾ x 7 x 1½ inches.  Alliance Biblique Universelle

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En el Vientre de la Ballena

(In the Whale’s Belly) James Lowry. Stories retold from the Martyrs Mirror of believers who were imprisoned and suf-fered for their faith. 121 pages; paper; Lamp and Light

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Quiero Cantar

Thirty Spanish songs, previously unpublished, and not translated from English songs.

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Voici Mon Héritage

This Is My Heritage, French edition. Traces the history and lineage of the church from shortly after Pentecost until the present. Special emphasis is given to the growth and development of the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite. Illustrated, with … Read More

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Plautdietsche Leeda

Plautdietsche (Low German) songs compiled by Henry Zacharias. Includes many choruses and well-known hymns translated from English and High German. 328 songs, no notes, words only. Paper binding.

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Les trente-trois articles de foi

The Thirty-three Articles of Faith, French edition. These articles, taken from Martyrs Mirror, embody the faith for which many thousands of martyrs have given their lives. 145 pages; paper; Gospel Publishers.

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L ‘Église ignorée

(French version of The Pilgrim Church) E.H. Broadbent. This book is quoted extensively in the book A Concise History of the Church of God by John M. Penner, and will be of ­interest to those who are studying church history. 449 … Read More

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