L’Église immuable

French version of The Enduring Church by Ben Giesbrecht. This history of the church is readable and comprehensive. It tells the story of the people who truly have sought to follow Christ and His teachings from the days of the … Read More

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German-English Dictionary, pocket size

German/English Langenscheidt’s Dictionary. Pocket size, with full pronunciation keys and more than 55,000 entries. 2nd edition. 667 pages; paper; Simon & Schuster.

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25 Pi Bel Istwa Nan Bib la

(25 Favorite Stories from the Bible) Ura Miller. Creole.  An inexpensive Bible story book for giving away. 56 pages; paper; TGS International.

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German/English Bible, Old-Style Script, bonded leather

A parallel Bible containing the Old and New Testaments in English and German. The King James Version is on the left page and German Luther 1912 text on the right page. The German text is in old-style Gothic script. Center … Read More

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Historias de Jesús – Spanish

Tell me the Story of Jesus, Spanish edition. Caleb Crider; illustrated by Alex Brover. This Bible story book has 70 short stories about Jesus. The stories are written in simple, clear language that children can understand. Each story is illustrated … Read More

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101 Pi Bel Istwa Nan Bib la – Creole

Ura Miller. (101 Favorite Stories from the Bible) A Bible story book with Bible stories simply and clearly told. Color illustrations. 222 pages; hardcover; TGS.

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La vie victorieuse

The Victorious Life, French edition. John Coblentz. Have you struggled in defeat as a Christian? Are you living in bondage to fear, pride, lust, anger, or self-pity? In this book you will find practical guidance from God’s Word that will … Read More

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Ne Studierunk en de Christliche Lia

A Study in Christian Doctrine – Plautdietsch (Low German). 64 pages; paperback; Gospel Publishers.

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Marcher sur le chemin du Seigneur

This Bible study book contains eighteen lessons for intermediates designed to help the students understand that Christian life is a highway through this world. The lessons cover topics such as accepting yourself, respecting others, working willingly, fleeing youthful lusts, being … Read More

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Sobre Mares Moderados – On Calm Seas

Forty Spanish songs mostly from the Polanco family in the Dominican Republic.

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