Quiero Cantar

Thirty Spanish songs, previously unpublished, and not translated from English songs.

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Voici Mon Héritage

This Is My Heritage, French edition. Traces the history and lineage of the church from shortly after Pentecost until the present. Special emphasis is given to the growth and development of the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite. Illustrated, with … Read More

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Plautdietsche Leeda

Plautdietsche (Low German) songs compiled by Henry Zacharias. Includes many choruses and well-known hymns translated from English and High German. 328 songs, no notes, words only. Paper binding.

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Les trente-trois articles de foi

The Thirty-three Articles of Faith, French edition. These articles, taken from Martyrs Mirror, embody the faith for which many thousands of martyrs have given their lives. 145 pages; paper; Gospel Publishers.

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L ‘Église ignorée

(French version of The Pilgrim Church) E.H. Broadbent. This book is quoted extensively in the book A Concise History of the Church of God by John M. Penner, and will be of ­interest to those who are studying church history. 449 … Read More

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Un Capitaine pour Hans

(French version of A Captain for Hans) Rebecca Martin. The tumult of the Reformation has swept Switzerland, and Zwingli’s Reformed Church has wrested control of several cantons from the Catholic Church. A Captain for Hans brings the world of the … Read More

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Au pays du soleil

(French version of Sunshine Country) Kristina Roy. Palko, in the care of strangers and not knowing a thing about his real parents, finds peace and security in the Lord Jesus. In his Czechoslovakian “sunshine valley” on earth, he has the … Read More

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Le voyage du pèlerin

(French version of The Pilgrim’s Progress) John Bunyan. The immortal story of Christian as he leaves the City of Destruction and embarks on a journey. This book has provided inspiration to countless believers since it was penned in a prison … Read More

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Un berger médite le Psaume 23

(French version of A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23. Phillip Keller. From the firsthand experience of one who spent much of his life developing and managing sheep ranches comes an inspiring and refreshing look at one of the best-loved portions … Read More

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Un berger apprend les leçons d’un chien de berger

(French version of Lessons from a Sheep Dog) Phillip Keller. The author of A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 draws from his experiences with his sheep dog to illustrate trust, devotion, obedience, faithfulness, and discipline. An interesting story with an … Read More

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