Cruden’s Compact Concordance, paper

Alexander Cruden. An index to the key words of the Bible. Includes more than 200,000 references to the King James Version. This compact version fits easily on your desk or in your traveling case. 576 pages; paper; Zondervan.

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Life Application Study Bible KJV

Designed to help readers apply God’s Word to everyday life. Includes over 10,000 life application notes and features that explain difficult passages and give information on Bible life and times. This Bible includes a dictionary/concordance, book introductions, a daily reading … Read More

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Cruden’s Compact Concordance (leather)

Genuine leather binding on this complete concordance of the Old and New Testaments (using the text of the Authorized King James Bible). Very flexible, supple, easy to handle, bound like Bibles (edge lined style binding); this useful and helpful tool … Read More

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Josephus: the Essential Writings

Edited by Paul L. Maier. A new ­edition of The Complete Works of Josephus, condensed and thoroughly readable. All important passages are included, many word-for-word. Only nonessential or ­repeated information is omitted. Includes 82 photos and illustrations, as well as … Read More

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Josephus: the Essential Works

Translated and edited by Paul L. Maier. This volume contains the same text as Josephus: the Essential Writings, but is bound in hardcover and has quality paper, color photos, time lines, and other information in sidebars that makes the volume … Read More

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The Heart of the New Testament

H.I. Hester. A clear, concise guide for New Testament study written in narrative form. This book places the New Testament in chronological order so that students can get an intelligent view of the origin and development of Christianity. 350 pages; … Read More

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The Zondervan Illustrated Bible Dictionary

J.D. Douglas and Merrill C. Tenney. This compilation replaces the Zondervan Pictorial Bible Dictionary, which has been our best-selling Bible dictionary. This edition offers over 7200 entries, 470 photographs, full-color maps, and illustrations. Readable and easy to use. 1571 pages; … Read More

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The King James Bible Companion

David W. Daniels. This pamphlet-size reference gives concise definitions for more than 600 English words as they were used when the King James Version was translated. Small enough to slip in the back of your Bible. 22 pages; Chick Publications.

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Cruden’s Complete Concordance

Alexander Cruden. An index to the key words of the Bible. Includes more than 200,000 references to both the King James Version and the Revised Standard Version. Also includes a section of proper names from the Scriptures. 783 pages; hardcover; … Read More

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The New Unger’s Bible Handbook

Merrill F. Unger, revised by Gary N. Larson. A new and revised edition with hundreds of color pictures added. Includes updated archaeological information, book-by-book commentary, outlines, charts, and drawings. 751 pages; hardcover; Moody Press.

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