A Spoonful of Color

A Spoonful of Color focuses on healthy, whole foods, many of which are naturally allergen-friendly. Here you can find fresh meal ideas, a few old recreated comfort foods, ethnic foods and other ideas. 243 pages, full-color, coil-bound; Quinda Mazelin.

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Food from the Heart

Heidi Matson & Ann Traffie. Created by two sisters who enjoy cooking good food, entertaining family and friends, and finding beauty in their everyday lives. This book has eighty some recipes full of flavour and humour. Full-colour picture with each … Read More

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Home Cooking From the Land of Living Skies

Compiled by Amanda Penner, Trish Friesen, and Jill Friesen. Over 600 recipes from the Bredenbury, Saskatchewan congregation. Complete index. 250 pages; paper; plastic coil-bound.

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Taste of the Caribbean

Compiled by Gloria Wagler Ortiz. This cookbook is a collection of authentic recipes from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Belize, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Paraguay, Chile, and Bangladesh. Recipes for a number of seasonings are also included. 218 pages; … Read More

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Bayou Collections, Volume 2

From the kitchens of Highland and Southern Magnolia Congregations, DeRidder, Louisiana. More than 1200 recipes! This cookbook includes a section dedicated to traditional Cajun fare. Hardcover 3-ring binder.

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Buffalo Creek Legacies

A recipe collection of the Jonas P. Bender family. Approximately 900 recipes for all occasions. 380 pages, 3-ring binder. Published by the Bender family.

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Come to the Table

A collection of a variety of different recipes from the Crooked Creek, Alberta congregation. 550 recipes; 296 pages; coil-bound.

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Cafe au Lait

This is a collection of about 184 recipes – a guide to authentic Haitian food with many cross-cultural recipes made from scratch with simple ingredients. A scrapbook of Haitian culture and everyday living as well as special events is woven … Read More

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Thoughts of Mozambique Cookbook

Pensamentos de Mocambique. Compiled by Karla Ensz. A mission friendly cookbook, with 598 basic recipes from former missionaries. 290 pages; coil-bound.

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Adventure in Cooking – Guatemalan Cuisine

A collection of Guatemalan recipes compiled by Teresa Toews de Herrera. Here is your guide to cooking traditional Guatemalan fare! Recipes for appetizers, beverages, soups, salads, vegetables, main dishes, tortillas, breads, and desserts are all included. The recipes use common … Read More

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