Meals to the Fields

Over 1000 recipes for every meal of the day, ideas for packed lunches, and delicious ways to serve meals on the go. This cookbook holds answers to many a farmer or trucker wife’s questions. Scattered through-out the book are stories, … Read More

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Carrots, Cukes, and Cabbages: The Vegetable Cookbook

This vegetable-themed cookbook offers fresh ideas for cooking up vegatable dishes for your family and guests. A soup and salad section is included as well as a few main-dishes. 152 pages; coil-bound.

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The Pie Lady

What is a Pie Lady moment? For one family, it’s breakfast on the patio; for another, it’s Mom serving up creamy chicken and noodles—times of goodness and glamour in the middle of ordinary days. In The Pie Lady, Mennonite homemaker … Read More

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Love Wears an Apron: Menus, Tips & Inspiration

Compiled. Love Wears an Apron was designed by moms for moms. Behind its retro style cover, you will find inspiration for menu planning, our family’s favorite recipes, children’s job chart ideas, and housekeeping schedules. Throughout the book are cooking tips, … Read More

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Family Favorite Keepsakes

A collection of recipes from the Jesse Koehn family, Livingston, California. This book has been in print for many years but is new at Gospel Publishers. 272 pages; coil-bound; Verda M. Koehn.

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South Texas Cookery

A collection of more than 1300 recipes from the congregation at El Campo, Texas. Hardcover with 3-ring binder. 646 pages; El Campo Congregation.

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Grandma’s Kitchen – CM Penner Family

Favorite Recipes of the CM Penner family. Three hundred seventy-six pages of recipes for any occasion. Revised 2015 edition. Published by Delbert and Bev Penner; coil-bound.

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The Whole Meal Deal

Compiled by Twila Unruh. More than 400 recipes arranged into 135 menus ready to make a complete meal. Most menus contain a main dish, one side, and a dessert. Published by Twila Unruh 279 pages; coil-bound

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Outdoor Cooking

Compiled by the parents and students of the Willow Brook School, an Amish school in Ohio. Over 400 recipes for outdoor cooking. Many recipes are suitable for cooking in an iron skillet or grilling. Some Dutch oven recipes are included. … Read More

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Your Gluten Free Guest

This cookbook includes gluten-free recipes that will be helpful for hostesses wishing to use everyday ingredients without the need for special trips to health food stores. Recipes for all occasions can be found here including mixes, appetizers, main dishes and … Read More

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