The Best of Albert E. Brumley, spiral-bound

Old-time favorites. Spiral-bound. 160 songs; paper; Albert E. Brumley and Sons.

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Kristina Roy. The story of a Slovak boy, who had been orphaned and then raised by the mayor’s wife. When Martinko was eleven, the mayor’s wife died and he went to live with the parish shepherd. Martinko became a shepherd. … Read More

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Bliew Bie Mie

Translated by Ann Groening and arranged by Katelyn Goossen. These are well-known hymns translated into Low German with shaped notes. 77 songs; coil-bound.

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Fields of Zion

Andrew Lambdin. This sequel to “Hills of Zion” continues the story of Perci, Marie and their companions. While the Albigensian Crusade rages in France, the Waldensians of Switzerland live quietly and conscientiously, unaware that the Pope and his armies are … Read More

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Taste of the Caribbean

Compiled by Gloria Wagler Ortiz. This cookbook is a collection of authentic recipes from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Belize, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Paraguay, Chile, and Bangladesh. Recipes for a number of seasonings are also included. 218 pages; … Read More

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Bayou Collections, Volume 2

From the kitchens of Highland and Southern Magnolia Congregations, DeRidder, Louisiana. More than 1200 recipes! This cookbook includes a section dedicated to traditional Cajun fare. Hardcover 3-ring binder.

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Buffalo Creek Legacies

A recipe collection of the Jonas P. Bender family. Approximately 900 recipes for all occasions. 380 pages, 3-ring binder. Published by the Bender family.

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Best of Southern Gospel, hardcover

570 songs. The youth of the 1960s and 1970s may easily recall lively evenings singing the songs found in this book. Hardcover; Taylor.

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Trouble, Trials, and Trust

Stephanie Kauffman continues to write about her life in this third book, following The Girl With Nine Lives and Suitcases, Schools, and Survival. While teaching in Alberta, Stacy has a chance to travel to Peru. Little do they know that … Read More

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You Are Too Small, Little Eli!

Judy Yoder. “You are too little to go along.” “You are too young to go this year.” There are so many things Eli can’t do because he is too small or too young! But there are still a lot of … Read More

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