Return of the Light

Wilbur Koehn. This book presents the Bible accounts to the present-day reader with great clarity. The articles are mostly Bible history and character study, with some devotional items. You will find this book inspiring. 188 pages; paperback.

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Maplewood Manor Cookbook

Maplewood Manor cookbook, revised edition.This 50th Anniversary Cookbook was put together to celebrate a milestone. It was created with recipes from residents, family members, staff, and volunteers to share cooking traditions.227 pages; paper; coil-bound.

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Old Nick and Bob

Thomas C. Hinkle. “Old Nick and Bob” is a book about two dogs wandering through the American Old West. Old Nick, raised and loved by a boy until tragedy struck, is a gentle but wary giant of a dog. He … Read More

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Ulysses and His Woodland Zoo

Jim Kjelgaard. In the world of men, Ulysses blunders constantly. But when he is hired as the winter caretaker of a remote hunting lodge, he finds a talent as a nurturer of many hurt and needy animals. In the woodland … Read More

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Home Cooking Favorites

A collection of recipes by the Ed D. Penner family. 448 pages; coil-bound.

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Water My Soul

Darla Weaver. As an Old Order Mennonite living in southern Ohio, Darla Weaver uses the common events of farm life, gardening, and nature to illustrate spiritual truths. Each daily meditation includes a scripture reading, prayer, and a question for reflection. … Read More

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Bop-It and No More COVID

Jessica Wohlgemuth. Are you tired of living the COVID life? Find hope and cheer in this little book about a fuzzy little grey bunny named Bop-It. Read about how he and his friends learn to cope through the pandemic, finding … Read More

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Nobody’s Boy: Kidnapped in Mexico

As a child, Obando observes his dark-haired, brown-skinned schoolmates and compares their appearance to his own blond hair and blue eyes. His longing to know who he is sends him on a journey that you don’t want to miss. 232 … Read More

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Kalak of the Ice

This is the story of Kalak, the great polar bear whose domain lay north of the Arctic Circle. Through the dramatic saga of a polar bear’s life, the author presents an unforgettable picture of the land of bear and seal, … Read More

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Traveling to Europe

In 2018, Leroy and Esther Stoll embarked on a European trip to explore the history of their faith aboard the Queen Mary 2, the world’s only remaining ocean liner. Included are accounts of Amish and Anabaptist history and a section of … Read More

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