God in the Caribou Fire

By Sheila Bontrager. When the families who lived in West Kootenai, Idaho, learned a wildfire was headed their way, they had to pack up and leave, fast, all the while praying that God would help them. Their lives spared, they … Read More

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Distant Shores

In 1969, 21-year-old Ivan Weaver left his Amish childhood home in PA and moved to Kodiak Island, Alaska and joined a world famous hunting firm. For the next several years he fulfilled his dream as a guide in some of … Read More

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Hope Underground

Carlos Parra Diaz. For 10 weeks, 33 miners were trapped 700 meters underground. If all you’ve heard about this story is of their rescue, then you haven’t heard the full story: the stunning account of another Miner, an invisible Saviour, … Read More

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Forty-five songs. Selections chosen by Nolan Koehn, Michela Toews, Shannon Smith and Yolanda Daman. This book includes their own songs as well as others. Nearly all are previously unpublished.

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The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness

Timothy Keller. In this short book, the author shows that gospel-humility means we can stop connecting every experience, every conversation with ourselves and can thus be free from self-condemnation. A truly gospel-humble person is not a self-hating person or a … Read More

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Redeeming Love

Compiled by Kevin W. Presley, this book is a collection of old and new songs. 241 songs; paperback; Legacy Music Publishing.

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Plautdietsche Leeda

Plautdietsche (Low German) songs compiled by Henry Zacharias. Includes many choruses and well-known hymns translated from English and High German. 328 songs, no notes, words only. Paper binding.

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Why God Why

Lester Bauman. Lost dreams. Health problems. Family tragedies. When faced with hard times and unanswered prayers, where can we turn? In this short but powerful book, we can read how distorted views of God can further add pain to our … Read More

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Thomas C. Hinkle. He was beautiful to see, his matchless pure white coat, his long silver mane and tail streaming in the wind, his head up with great dark eyes shining. After being captured Silver got his freedom again for … Read More

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Vic, A Dog of the Prairies

Thomas C. Hinkle. Vic, a big black dog, is befriended by eleven-year-old Gene. Vic does not trust grown men because of being mistreated numerous times. Gene tries to win Vic’s trust so that he will come live at the ranch … Read More

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