A Little Sister for Elizabeth

Written by Darlene Unruh. This is a short story for young children. It tells about a little girl who was taken in by a loving family because he mother had died. 17 pages; paperback.

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Sometimes Mirrors Lie

By Faythelma Bechtel. Do mirrors lie sometimes? Do muscles make us strong? Do pretty faces make us valuable? What does God value as true beauty and strength? Most of the stories in this book are true episodes in the lives … Read More

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Clouds of War

Written by Elsie Singmaster. The early morning quiet of the Ephrata Cloister was interrupted by soldiers seeking paper. Paper? Yes, paper to use as gun wadding! General Washington needs it. Oh, the paradox – 500 copies of unbound Martyrs Mirror, … Read More

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Children Around the World

By Mary Ellen Beachy. Thirty-eight character-building stories from around the world. Many of these accounts relate answers to prayer and God’s miraculous help. Suitable for reading to Lower to middle grade Sunday School classes. Paperback; 179 pages; Ridgeway.

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Chipmunk Willie

Forest Friends Series #3. Chipmunk Willie’s life is full of adventure from the moment he awakes from hibernation. He scampers to the top of stumps and down little hills, searching for food and curious about what is around the next … Read More

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Benny the Beaver

Forest Friends Series #2. Life for a beaver is filled with a combination of adventure and carefulness. Always he must watch for danger! Benny the Beaver and other beavers find themselves abruptly relocated. Mountain lions threaten! They must build dams … Read More

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Humpy the Moose

Forest Friends Series #1. Little Humpy the Moose comes into the world as a long-legged baby who needs to be hidden from enemies. But each day he learns more and grows fast. At about one year old he must make … Read More

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Grandpa John’s Lost Bible

Written by Richard Martin. Some people keep the pages of their Bibles clean and white. Not Grandpa John! His beloved Bible is sprinkled with circles and notes from one end to the other. When Grandpa John’s Bible disappears on the … Read More

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Wilderness Champion

The Story of a Great Hound. When Johnny lost the best hound pup of the litter on the trail leading to his ranger’s cabin high in the Alberta peaks, he almost gave up hope of finding it. Then a wilderness … Read More

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Teddy’s Tornado

Teddy lived with his mother in little house in Georgia. In the evenings they ate popcorn and played Memory. But one day a tornado tumbled his house and smashed his bike! They lived with a neighbor for a while, and … Read More

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