Little Shack by the School

Jennifer Regehr. The author used imagination and research to weave in details about her grandmother’s childhood. Josie Schartner lived a very different childhood from modern times. Since they lived four miles away from school, Josie and her sisters wouldn’t be … Read More

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Tell Me About Jesus (board book)

Slip your baby’s first book about Jesus into your purse or diaper bag for church, waiting rooms, or quiet moments anywhere. Made of sturdy board-book material. Measures 6 by 6 inches.

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Jewels for Brianna

Joan Penner. This is a true story about a girl who loved all of God’s critters. Brianna’s dream was to have a horse to call her own. Was she old enough to take care of a horse? Would she give … Read More

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Florence Nightingale

Carol Alexander. This fact-filled book introduces the youngest readers to Florence Nightingale, the mother of modern nursing.With interesting pictures on every other page, and simple nonfiction text, children can learn how Nightingale worked hard to change health-care practices and saved … Read More

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Dolly the Milk Cow

Helga Moser. Read about a patient, faithful milk cow that always led the other cows to the barn at milking time, even when it was dark or icy. Illustrated by David W. Miller. Part of the Pleasant Valley Farm Series, … Read More

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Life in the Woods

Mike Atnip. Did you know a fly’s eye is made up of hundreds of little eyes? Have you ever seen a candy-striped leafhopper, scarlet elfcups, or the details of a crane fly’s wings? Learn about many wonders of God’s creation … Read More

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Sarah in the Village

Sarah is the oldest child in a Mennonite family in a village in Russia. They have many uncles, aunts, and cousins, and village life is lively and fun. But the worries come so often to the young girl too. Why … Read More

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Go West with Miners, Prospectors, and Loggers

Cynthia O’Brien. This book describes those who came because of the land’s rich natural resources. “News stories” reveal the hard lives of miners in the Rockies and the desperation of prospectors searching for riches in the gold rushes in California, … Read More

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Thomas C. Hinkle. He was beautiful to see, his matchless pure white coat, his long silver mane and tail streaming in the wind, his head up with great dark eyes shining. After being captured Silver got his freedom again for … Read More

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Vic, A Dog of the Prairies

Thomas C. Hinkle. Vic, a big black dog, is befriended by eleven-year-old Gene. Vic does not trust grown men because of being mistreated numerous times. Gene tries to win Vic’s trust so that he will come live at the ranch … Read More

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