Listen for the Whippoorwill

A book in the Trailblazer Series by Dave and Neta Jackson. Living as a slave on a Maryland plantation in 1853, twelve-year old Rosebud had been helping her mother with the cooking in the Big House as long as she … Read More

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Storm Song

Rebecca Martin. As World War II rages on, 1943 is a difficult year for the Yoder family. How should Elam, a conscientious objector, act when he boards a train full of sneering soldiers? Why does Father end up in prison? … Read More

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Favorite Animals from the Bible (board book)

Illustrated by Gloria Oostema. Your toddler will enjoy the colorful pictures of this board book as they become familiar with animals of the Bible. The pictures are taken from 101 Favorite Stories from the Bible. Measures 5 by 6 1/2 inches. … Read More

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Peter’s Boat (board book)

Illustrated by Ruth Kuepfer. This board book tells the story of Peter’s fruitless fishing trip with his friends. But when Jesus came along, they not only hauled in 153 fish, but also enjoyed breakfast with Jesus! Each book in the … Read More

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The Phantom Deer

Joseph Wharton Lippincott. The story of a man, a boy, and a Key deer–an endangered species of miniature deer found in the Florida Keys. Hickey does not appreciate visitors to the Keys, and he is uneasy when his great-nephew Jack … Read More

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The Arrowhead

Lucinda J Miller. For many years, an arrowhead lay buried in the soil of an Indiana farm. The native who had shot it was long forgotten. Decades and generations came and went, and it was left hidden and untouched. Then … Read More

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George Müller: The Guardian of Bristol’s Orphans

Janet and Geoff Benge. George Muller was an unhappy, rebellious youth, but was converted to Christianity before he married. After marriage, he opened his home to hungry orphans despite scarcely having enough to feed himself. With God providing for them, … Read More

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A Kitten Named Birthday

Janet Heatwole. Six-year-old Sarah loves to play with her birthday present, a kitten she named Birthday. Because Sarah is deaf, she cannot hear when Birthday meows. In this story, she learns many things about her kitten and seeks to find … Read More

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The Little Red Hen Who Couldn’t Lay An Egg

Written by Darcy Friesen and illustrated by Jessica Wohlgemuth. Lucy is a happy little red hen, until the day her trouble begins. Her friend Henrietta helps her find happiness in the small things, and one day Lucy has a wonderful … Read More

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Wonders in the Sea

Part of the “Nature Discoveries with Uncle Mike” series, this book of colorful photos and clear text will introduce school age children to some amazing creatures of the sea. How strange some look! How do they get their food? Young … Read More

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