Water My Soul

Darla Weaver. As an Old Order Mennonite living in southern Ohio, Darla Weaver uses the common events of farm life, gardening, and nature to illustrate spiritual truths. Each daily meditation includes a scripture reading, prayer, and a question for reflection. … Read More

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Springs in the Valley

Mrs. Charles E. Cowman. A daily devotional book suitable for youth and adults. In life’s journey, God graciously provides oases of restoration where we least expect them. In this book the author assures us that no mountain is too high, … Read More

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My 30 Days Under the Overpass

Written to inspire compassionate action close to home, this book challenges our concept of mission work and our views of the broken and downtrodden in society by asking two key questions: “What do you think about these people?” and “What … Read More

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A Cup of Quiet

Life is like a latte. In the optimism of youth we assume we can order it to taste. We anticipate a smooth, satisfying drink, so we order a single shot of reality flavored with dreams… The essays and poems in … Read More

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Heart to Heart, Godly Wisdom Woman to Woman

This devotional book for women is comprised of short inspirational essays and stories written by older Christian women for those following in their footsteps. Each article highlights one or more Bible verses. Solid biblical principles are encouraged in a down-to-earth, … Read More

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God’s Grace in the Valley

Do you feel alone in your grief? How do you reconcile the love of God with deep pain in your heart? This daily devotional was written by one well acquainted with grief. The 144 devotionals cover a wide range of … Read More

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Have You Considered

This book explores the creation through science and the Word of God. For each day of the year, there is a short devotional with scripture references and some very interesting scientific facts. Topics include biology, geology, genetics, and history. Written … Read More

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102 Devotional Sermonettes, Creole

An inspirational book written especially for devotional times. This book is full of writings pertinent to our time. The author’s purpose is to bring joy and courage to the reader. May be used for personal and family devotions. 213 pages; … Read More

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Humble Roots

Hannah Anderson. Using the simple examples of growing things and rural life, this book speaks to us about how to cultivate humility. This involves realizing who I am and Who God is. Humility graces all parts of one’s life: the … Read More

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Prayers for a Simpler Life

Faith Sommers. This thirteen-week devotional book for women has a different topic for each week. Under each topic heading are seven daily devotionals. Topics include “Attributes of God,” “Relationships,” “Kitchen Joys,” “Beautiful for God,” and “Stresses Women Face.” This book … Read More

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