Fields of Zion

Andrew Lambdin. This sequel to “Hills of Zion” continues the story of Perci, Marie and their companions. While the Albigensian Crusade rages in France, the Waldensians of Switzerland live quietly and conscientiously, unaware that the Pope and his armies are … Read More

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Trouble, Trials, and Trust

Stephanie Kauffman continues to write about her life in this third book, following The Girl With Nine Lives and Suitcases, Schools, and Survival. While teaching in Alberta, Stacy has a chance to travel to Peru. Little do they know that … Read More

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Living in the World

The author, Ronald C. Jantz, is Librarian Emeritus at Rutger’s University with family ties to the Holdeman Mennonite group. Part 1 of this book reviews the Anabaptist faith since the sixteenth century. Part 2 focuses on the Holdeman Mennonite faith … Read More

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Kidnapped in Haiti

Katrina Hoover Lee. October 16, 2021, seemed like a perfect day for the planned trip to the orphanage. Little did the seventeen missionaries realize they would not make it home that day. This is the amazing story of the missionaries … Read More

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Comfort for Troubled Christians

J.C. Brumfield. This little book helps us learn to be joyous and victorious in the midst of trial, poverty, betrayal, and heartache. It applies many comforting scriptures as salve to our wounds, and teaches contentment and trust in God. 72 … Read More

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The Titanic Tragedy: Stories from the Mighty Titanic

Arnot P. McIntee. Each chapter in this book is a story from the tragic sinking of the Titanic. The author uses this account to draw a parallel theme to Christian life and eternal destiny. This book is a plea to … Read More

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Through the Storm

Suellen Bicknell. This book tells a heartfelt story of joy and sorrow, struggle and triumph. The Bicknell family faced tremendous challenges as the husband and father is stricken with frontotemporal dementia. But God is good, and he answered their needs … Read More

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Gone Before

Arlene Hoover. A scrapbook of quotes, verses, poems, and short stories of reflection written by some who have lost loved ones and passed through the valley of sorrow. This book provides comfort for grieving family members. 84 pages; hardcover.

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A Distant Landscape

Patrick A. Hanes. A series of beautifully descriptive pieces from across a broad landscape of time and locations: travel, Americana, the Mennonite faith, and logging in the Pacific Northwest. 137 pages; paperback.

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Bearing Witness

Edited by Charles Moore and Timothy Keiderling. Stories of martyrdom and costly discipleship. These men and women were ready to give witness to Christ in the face of intense persecution, even if it cost them their lives. From the stoning … Read More

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