The Debt I Owe

Johnny Miller writes about his experiences in 1-W service as a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War. He writes honestly about the tragic, the touching, and the humorous events that filled his day as an orderly. While paying the debt … Read More

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Like A Mighty Giant

Rachel Lofgren.Tenny has a difficult childhood, but she did learn to work hard. Later in life, as she and her husband found faith in Jesus, life took on new meaning. But very dark and painful times followed, and Tenny’s heart … Read More

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The Girl with Nine Lives

Stephanie Kauffman. A candid personal memoir describing the first 18 years of the author’s life, which began in foster care until she was adopted by a hardworking couple of faith. The book explores her experiences growing up on a farm, … Read More

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Family – The Gift That Lasts Forever

Six young lads and a sister, motherless. It was so sudden and unexpected. How would they cope now that Mom was gone? Who would take care of them? Tragedy struck hard around Linden, Alberta during the twenties and thirties, and … Read More

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Our Story: On the Banks of the Seine

As told by Lizzie Goossen, written by Alice Warkentin. Follow the story of Lizzie from Prairie Rose to the banks of the Seine River in Manitoba. Read about her growing up years and her marriage. Enjoy the lively episodes of … Read More

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Personally Speaking

A collection of poems by Laura Isaac. These poems, found after Laura’s passing, have been compiled into book form. Topics range from poems of inspiration found in walking with the Master, to the everyday, thoughtful musings of life’s experiences. 67 … Read More

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A Penny Parcel

  Avery E. Hitch. Ashley knows only the orphanage until she is sent to live temporarily with a family. Other people don’t know that the father drinks and beats the children, but it leaves physical and emotional scars. Back at … Read More

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Racial tensions had long simmered in Benton Harbor, a small city on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, before the day a white narcotics officer—more focused on arrests than justice—set his sights on an innocent black man. But when officer … Read More

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Hills of Zion – Study Guide

Andrew Lambdin. The study guide will enhance the reader’s understanding of “Hills of Zion” by providing historical insights, highlighting literary ploys, and illuminating spiritual symbolism. The guide is intended for use with Bible study groups, homeschoolers, and high school literature … Read More

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Random Literary Ramblings

Alfred Isaac. An accumulation of homespun, short writings and personal history. Most are true happenings, some with a touch of imagination, designed to inpsire, entertain, induce contemplation, and spark discussions. The addendum is a short piece of his grandfather, Minister … Read More

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