Pulling Together

It was a heartbreaking loss! The Brigg’s barn had burned down. The neighbors would help them rebuild, but with the loss of feed and extra expenses Father felt he would need to sell one of the horses. But Matthew can’t … Read More

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Polly’s Birthday Party

Written and illustrated by Lana Kuhns. Polly has a birthday, and Sparkle the donkey is right in the middle of everything. Does Sparkle like ice-cream cones? A few children, an eager donkey, and a poor cart can quickly bring excitement … Read More

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An Otter’s Story

Emil E. Liers. Otters are fascinating, lively creatures. They love to slide in the snow, wrestle in the forest, play water tag, and search for crawfish. This action-packed story about Ottiga and Beauty and their family is based on true … Read More

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Trapped in the Tunnel

Katrina Hoover Lee. The Brady Street Boys, book 1. Terry, Gary, and Larry aged 14, 13 and 12, love their maple tree, their boat called the London, and the friendly St. Joseph River. One day they learn there might be … Read More

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Thomas C. Hinkle. The pride of his owner, Mustang was stolen by a wandering cowboy and traded from hand to hand. Trapped by horse hunters and chased by cowboys eager for his capture, he finally rejoined his owner in a … Read More

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Barry, the Story of a Wolf Dog

Thomas C. Hinkle. A little gray and white pup splashed into the the river, thrown by a man who didn’t have a way to care for him. But Jim Williams and the ranch dog, Old Jeff, came up right then … Read More

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Bugs: Big & Small, God Made Them All

By Will Zinke. Big Beetles, Glowing Fireflies, Leaf Hoppers and many more! This book about bugs is both educational and scripture-based, acknowledging God’s creation and handiwork in the insect world. Hardcover; 80 pages; Master Books.

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A Bicycle for Kofi

Ten-year-old Kofi lives in Ghana. He dreams of some day owning a bicycle, but it doesn’t seem possible. His parents teach him to be content with what he has. He can be happy by making other people happy. 125 pages; … Read More

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Hand in Hand

Jean Little. Helen Keller mentions Martha Washington, the cook’s daughter in her autobiography. The author builds on these references to create a story of a special relationship of two young girls. Approved with annotation, page 4, language. 124 pages; paper; Scholastic.

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Sometimes Mirrors Lie

By Faythelma Bechtel. Do mirrors lie sometimes? Do muscles make us strong? Do pretty faces make us valuable? What does God value as true beauty and strength? Most of the stories in this book are true episodes in the lives … Read More

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