Bart the Bully Goat – Happy Day Farm Series

Lana Kuhns. That goat is such a bully! He stomps on the kittens’ tails and takes the best berries from the other goats. He knocks the people over if they turn their back to him. Something must be done about … Read More

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Wonders in the Sea

Part of the “Nature Discoveries with Uncle Mike” series, this book of colorful photos and clear text will introduce school age children to some amazing creatures of the sea. How strange some look! How do they get their food? Young … Read More

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The Wolf King

Joseph Lippincott. High in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, a lively black wolf pup was born. Early in life he had close encounters with man but miraculously escaped. He grew into a mighty 200 pound leader of a pack, and … Read More

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By the Fields of Fish Creek

In this sequel to “You Are Too Small, Little Eli,” this book tells about the Yoder family’s move to eastern Kansas and the years they lived there. Eli milks Hipbones every day and helps Dad rake hay. But there is … Read More

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Arrow in the Sky

Amish Frontier Series Book 5. No jobs, no money, no food… This became a common refrain in the 1930s. Living on a rice farm in Arkansas, the Yoder family had plenty of food, but money was scarce. Migrant workers came … Read More

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Dolly the Milk Cow

Helga Moser. Read about a patient, faithful milk cow that always led the other cows to the barn at milking time, even when it was dark or icy. Illustrated by David W. Miller. Part of the Pleasant Valley Farm Series, … Read More

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Sarah in the Village

Sarah is the oldest child in a Mennonite family in a village in Russia. They have many uncles, aunts, and cousins, and village life is lively and fun. But the worries come so often to the young girl too. Why … Read More

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Thomas C. Hinkle. He was beautiful to see, his matchless pure white coat, his long silver mane and tail streaming in the wind, his head up with great dark eyes shining. After being captured Silver got his freedom again for … Read More

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Vic, A Dog of the Prairies

Thomas C. Hinkle. Vic, a big black dog, is befriended by eleven-year-old Gene. Vic does not trust grown men because of being mistreated numerous times. Gene tries to win Vic’s trust so that he will come live at the ranch … Read More

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The Wahoo Bobcat

Joseph W Lippincott. Written in 1950, this story describes Florida in more primitive days. Tiger is the king of bobcats, deep in the Florida water prairie wilderness. Bill Henry and Andy Rogers have drastically different feelings toward Tiger. Tiger saved … Read More

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