From Wealth to Faith

Mollie Zook. Live with the Reimer family in Russia in their affluence and forebodings. Journey with them through disappointment, heartache, and suffering as they seek freedom, and enjoy with them the greater wealth which they obtained at great price. Written … Read More

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Fountain of Life

Rebecca Martin. This story is set in New Testament times, Jewish life, and the customs of that time. Eli had heard about Jesus’ profound teachings and amazing miracles, but he had never seen Jesus. The more he heard, the more … Read More

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Driven into Exile, A Story of the Huguenots

Charlotte Tucker. A story set during the late seventeenth century, this book follows the lives of two Huguenot families. Losing all to remain constant in their faith, the La Force family flees to Britain, while the Duval family remains in … Read More

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A Charge to Keep

Isabella Macdonald Alden. Reuben Watson Stone stood shivering in the cold December wind. Even though work was hard to find, his widowed mother and sister depended on him to be the man in charge of the house. He’d do anything … Read More

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The Basket of Flowers

Christopher von Schmid. This story takes place in Germany during the era of the castles. Mary and her good father James live in a small cottage near the castle. James is a gardener while Mary works for the Countess in … Read More

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