Plautdietsche Eewanjeelische Leeda Buak 2

Compiled by John C. Klassen. Low German songbook Book 2. More hymns in four part harmony, with round notes. 250 songs,paperback.

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Plautdietsche Eewanjeelische Leeda

Compiled by John C. Klassen. Low German songbook Book 1. Many well-known hymns are included here with four-part harmony in round notes. 252 songs, paper.

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Heaven in My Heart

Thirty-two songs compiled and published by Michael Peachey. Contains Michael’s songs and a few songs by other composers. Paperback.

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All for Jesus

Forty-three songs, nearly all composed by Valerie Boese. Paperback.

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Daybreak, Volume III

Forty-four songs from 28 composers. From daybreak to nightfall, these songs are meant to brighten your path with music and inspiration. Paperback; Daybreak Music Publishers.

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Voyages Songbook (Companion songs for D1 & D2)

Supplemental songbook to Voyages in Song, D1 and D2. (Includes the reinforcement songs listed in the Teacher Guide)  A digital download with the reinforcement songs can be purchased separately. See item 14766 for course overview.

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Light in My Window

Compiled and published by Carmen Swarey, Dorothy Good and Gina Ensz. 40 songs.

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Triumph Song

Thirty-two songs compiled by Todd Benner. Composers include Todd Benner, Kyle Barkman, Linda Unruh and Roger Swarey. Paperback.

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Old Tyme Gospel Singing

Favorite songs of yesteryear compiled by Richard Mininger. 148 songs; paperback.

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Music in My Soul

Twenty-five songs composed by Starla Goucher Koehn. Paperback.

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