Come to the Garden

The second edition of Come to the Garden retains 28 of the original 30 songs found in the first edition. Nine new songs have been added for a total of 37. The new songs are found on pp. 42-44, 62-63, and … Read More

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Song Index 2020 on CD

Enter the title of a song or some words from the first line to find the songbooks with the nearest match. The 2020 version contains about 32,602 entries from 714 songbooks. The Song Index 2020 program will install on the … Read More

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Paths Songbook – Companion songs for A1 & A2

Supplemental songbook to Paths to Song Book A1 and Paths to Song Book A2. Includes the reinforcement songs listed in the teacher guides. 104 songs, laminated paper cover, coil-bound. [A digital download with the reinforcement songs can be purchased separately.] … Read More

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Paths Songbook – Digital (PDF format) for A1 & A2

A PDF containing the songs for reinforcement used in Paths to Song, A1 and A2. 104 songs. Purchase of this e-book allows for the purchaser to possess one digital copy. It is illegal to digitally duplicate this e-book. Printed copies … Read More

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Merry Melodies

Merry Melodies is a compilation of 93 songs for children. Compiled by Janelle Unruh. Paperback.

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Sobre Mares Moderados – On Calm Seas

Forty Spanish songs mostly from the Polanco family in the Dominican Republic.

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Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs

A unique collection of 980 songs. Many of these are ancient hymns and old-style songs. A brief history of the song or biographical sketch of the composer is included for some of them. Hardcover. Melody Publications.

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Echoes of Triumph 8

46 songs, many based on Bible verses, a Bible story, or Bible verses set to music. Elizabeth Drudge.

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Echoes of Triumph 9

52 songs by Elizabeth Drudge.

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The Best of Albert E. Brumley, spiral-bound

Old-time favorites. Spiral-bound. 160 songs; paper; Albert E. Brumley and Sons.

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