Redeeming Love

Compiled by Kevin W. Presley, this book is a collection of old and new songs. 241 songs; paperback; Legacy Music Publishing.

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Plautdietsche Leeda

Plautdietsche (Low German) songs compiled by Henry Zacharias. Includes many choruses and well-known hymns translated from English and High German. 328 songs, no notes, words only. Paper binding.

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Coleman’s Songs for Men

This is a reprint of the quartet book originally published in 1932 and enjoyed by quartets for many years until it went out of print. Songs 152-196 have been changed to men’s voice arrangement for this edition. 196 songs; hardcover; … Read More

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Awake My Soul

Forty-three songs from the following authors and composers: Austin Dirks, Bryce Dirks, Cherith Lehman, Dorene Dirks, Gina Ensz, Jed Buerge, Jenny Koehn, Joel Koehn, Les Dirks, Maxine Schartner, Patrick Zimmerman, Robyn Wedel, Rudy Bueckert, Savanna Unruh. Published by Les Dirks.

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Best of Southern Gospel, paperback

570 songs. The youth of the 1960s and 1970s may easily recall lively evenings singing the songs found in this book. Paper.

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Banners of Joy Volume 1

50 songs. The majority of the songs in Banners of Joy Volume 1 and 2 are in trio arrangement, and the remainder have four-part harmony. Volume 3 also contains numerous duet songs. Paper with spiral binding. Josie Regehr.  

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Hymns and Spiritual songs of the Christian Apostolic Church

Hymns and Spiritual songs of the Christian Apostolic Church in shape notes is a 2020 reprint of 33 songs. The book contains selections from Zion’s Harp and Heft in English. Paperback.

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Strength & Song Book 5

Strength and Song 5 is another collection of songs by Geraldine Koehn. Most of the songs in this book are Geraldine’s. Paperback with coil binding; 99 songs.

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Sing to Me

Compiled by Molly Nightingale and Minnie Schmidt, this songbook for little children has color illustrations and contains over 85 nursery rhymes, lullabies, Bible songs, and songs for baby showers. 96 pages; hardcover; CJM Publishing.

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