Homesick for Heaven

Thirty-six songs compiled by Evan Kramer. This book includes songs from a number of composers. Some titles included: “In the Heart of You,” “My Oasis” and “Oh, What A Joy.” Paperback.

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Daybreak, Volume II

Forty-four songs from forty composers. From daybreak to nightfall, these songs are meant to brighten your path with music and inspiration. Paperback; Daybreak Music Publishers.

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Adventures Songbook – Companion songs for C1 & C2

Supplemental songbook to Adventures in Song, C1 and C2. (Includes the reinforcement songs listed in the Teacher Guide) A digital download with the reinforcement songs can be purchased separately. See item 14240 for course overview.

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Be Glad and Sing

Compiled by the publishers of the Christian Hymnary. This book contains simple songs for children and youth. All are old songs; some are familiar. A few of the titles: “Thou Wilt Keep Him in Perfect Peace,” “I Often Think of … Read More

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Wonderful Name

Compiled by Kevin W. Presley. Similar to the other books from Legacy Music Publishing, this fourth book combines some old and some new songs sure to be enjoyed by music lovers. 243 songs; paper.

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Mull’s Singing Convention No. 7

381 songs; paper; Mulls.  OUT OF PRINT AND OUT OF STOCK

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Song Index 4, 2017 supplement

The 2017 Song Index supplement includes indexes for 47 songbooks. A topical index is included. 91 pages; coil-bound. Published by Clint and Gaylene Koehn.

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I Sing My Praise to You

Thirty-four songs, most were composed and published by Robyn Wedel and Valerie Unruh. Several of these songs have been in circulation previously and have been well accepted. This book presents an inspirational collection sure to be appreciated by all ages. … Read More

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Song Index CD (2017)

Enter the title of a song or some words from the first line to find the songbooks with the nearest match. The 2017 version contains about 32,458 entries from almost 714 songbooks. The Song Index 2017 program will install on … Read More

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Lord Walk Beside Me

Michael Peachey. Twenty-nine songs by Michael Peachey and various other authors. Paperback.

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