Shep, A Collie of the Old West

Thomas C. Hinkle. Shep was the kind of collie that ranchers are always proud to own – big and powerful, great-hearted and intelligent. Then, one day, Shep was trapped in a deep pit and rescued by a little boy. Jimmy … Read More

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The Great Pyramid

Elizabeth Mann. Nearly 50 stories high, the Great Pyramid was built more than 4,500 years ago, made from over 2,300,000 giant stone blocks and constructed by primitive farmers. The true story of the Great Pyramid is even more fascinating than … Read More

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The Red Roan Pony

Joseph Lippincott. Jimmie was only nine when he first saw Reddy, and the colt was very wild. But they understood each other at once. The story of this friendship makes for absorbing reading for any horse-loving boy or girl. Grade … Read More

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I Survived: The Great Molasses Flood, 1919

Lauren Tarshis. A story of a young girl caught in the flood of molasses that flows through streets on Boston when the tank holding the molasses explodes. She must fight for her life. For lower to middle grades.  144 pages; … Read More

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Kittens, Kittens Everywhere

W.G. Van de Hulst. Stories Children Love series, book 20. Kittens Heather and Feather go exploring and find themselves in a new place, while their owners, Penny and Peggy, heartbroken over the pets absence, are accused by their stern neighbor, … Read More

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The Gray Eyes Family

Edith J. Agnew. A story of the Navajo and their struggle to be educated and still live in their traditional ways, while trying to adapt to “modern ways” and Christianity. 127 pages; paperback; AB Publishing.

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Go West With Settlers and Farmers

Rachel Stuckey. Follows the lives of early settlers as they followed the trails of the American West, noting key events and geographical locations along the way. Find out how the farmers who made up the bulk of the settlers lived … Read More

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Tales from Maple Ridge: The Lucky Wheel

Grace Gilmore. Tales from Maple Ridge, Book 2. The residents of Maple Ridge are trying to raise money to fix their schoolhouse. Repairs just can’t be put off any longer! Everyone has decided to pitch in and sell their old … Read More

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Survival: Avalanche

Frieda Wishinsky. Eleven-year-old Alex Mason has just moved from Toronto to Glory, British Columbia, and hes having a tough time. Friendless, he is teased by his classmate Owen for being from out East, and for his lack of skill on … Read More

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A Storm Too Soon

In May of 2007, three veteran sailors set out on an voyage from Florida to France. But the trip soon turns into a nightmare when their sailboat is caught in the throes of a mighty storm. This is the story … Read More

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