We Be Cookin’

Over 900 recipes, both old and new, from the Menno Wiebe family. This cookbook includes a detailed canning section, many recipes for your sweet tooth, and recipes with adjustments for cooking at higher altitude. Interwoven is a Menno Wiebe keepsake … Read More

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A Table for Two

Updated and expanded in 2012. A collection of recipes that serve two. 120 pages. Hardcover with plastic spiral binding.

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Hearth and Home Cookbook

Compiled by Donna Giesbrecht and Lisa Johnson. Favorite recipes published in Hearth & Home from 2002-2012. A collection of recipes for all occasions. 200 pages; coil bound; Hearth and Home.

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Eastgate Eatables & Tidbits

Collections from the girl at the Winnipeg Children’s Home. 194 pages of recipes for any occasion. Coil bound; Coralee Warkentin and Sandra Barkman.

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Spices of India

A small cookbook by Mrs. Paul Toews for those going to India or anyone interested in Indian cuisine. Very helpful to new workers going to India. 46 pages; paper with wire coil binding; Toews.

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Southern Country II

Southern Country Cookbook was first published in 1990 by the sisters of the Southern Star Mennonite Church, Geiger, Alabama. This new edition blends many new recipes with the treasured favorites of the first book. 296 pages; hardcover with ring binder.

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Sandhill Favorites

A collection of recipes by the Lakin Mennonite Sewing Circle. Add this cookbook to your collection and enjoy a variety of proven recipes for all occasions. 278 pages; spiral bound.

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Red or Green?

Recipes of the Pecos Valley, from Fort Sumner, New Mexico; this cookbook includes many southwest-style recipes with chili peppers. 112 pages; spiral-bound; Ft. Sumner.

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Recipes to Remember

208 pages of recipes compiled by the Brooksville Mennonite Church. Paper with plastic spiral binding.

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Prairie Range

A recipe collection from the congregation at Fairview, Oklahoma. Over 900 recipes; hardcover with ring binder.

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