Bearing Witness

Edited by Charles Moore and Timothy Keiderling. Stories of martyrdom and costly discipleship. These men and women were ready to give witness to Christ in the face of intense persecution, even if it cost them their lives. From the stoning … Read More

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The Apostle – A Life of Paul

John Pollock. Join Paul’s journey from his conversion after the stoning of Stephen through his missionary years to his death. The imprisonments, the souls saved, the shipwrecks, the miracles, and the impact of Paul’s earnest faith all come powerfully to … Read More

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Strength For Tough Times

Maria Kneas. Surprising things have been happening in America, and things in which we used to trust no longer seem to be reliable. How can we find security, peace, and joy under such circumstances? This books contains practical lessons for … Read More

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The Phantom Deer

Joseph Wharton Lippincott. The story of a man, a boy, and a Key deer–an endangered species of miniature deer found in the Florida Keys. Hickey does not appreciate visitors to the Keys, and he is uneasy when his great-nephew Jack … Read More

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The Arrowhead

Lucinda J Miller. For many years, an arrowhead lay buried in the soil of an Indiana farm. The native who had shot it was long forgotten. Decades and generations came and went, and it was left hidden and untouched. Then … Read More

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Rugged Trails and Ragged Shoes

Janis Good. The summer of 1926 became the first of ten Lora spent in West Virginia. A pioneer in children’s Bible school ministry, she prepared her own lessons and drew her own pictures. Between classes she ministered to women and … Read More

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Moscow Express and Other Stories from Russia

Georgi Vins. Moscow Express is the last book written by Georgi Vins before he succumbed to the inoperable tumor that took his life. The manuscript was finished on his deathbed. These true stories, essays, and letters from the author and … Read More

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Light Side Dark Side

Shari Beth Shaum. Shari Beth cared for everybody she met in Haiti, from those whose wounds she bandaged to the souls trapped in Satan worship. This book opens a window into Haitian culture and shows the contrast between God’s power … Read More

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George Müller: The Guardian of Bristol’s Orphans

Janet and Geoff Benge. George Muller was an unhappy, rebellious youth, but was converted to Christianity before he married. After marriage, he opened his home to hungry orphans despite scarcely having enough to feed himself. With God providing for them, … Read More

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Discovering My Place

Mary Burkholder. Most new brides crave a vibrant marriage that remains unruffled despite the storms of life, but some will find themselves on a path of disappointment. The author set out to find the answers to lasting love, and as … Read More

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