The Matthew Challenge

Lester Bauman. Discover who Jesus is in 28 days. This book is a guided study of the Gospel of Matthew. The Bible verses are printed in the book and are from the World English Bible. This book is recommended for … Read More

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Sometimes Mirrors Lie

By Faythelma Bechtel. Do mirrors lie sometimes? Do muscles make us strong? Do pretty faces make us valuable? What does God value as true beauty and strength? Most of the stories in this book are true episodes in the lives … Read More

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Jesus and Proverbs

Gary Miller. Proverbs says, “The rich man’s wealth is his strong city,” but Jesus said, “Blessed be ye poor: for yours is the kingdom of God.” How do we reconcile the teachings of Jesus about money and business with the … Read More

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Out of the Miry Clay

By Pablo Yoder. Mauren was uneasy. For days now, Hurricane Mitch had been dumping rain on Nicaragua. Once more she gazed warily up the side of the mountain. Something caught her eye. Was that a movement? Her heart froze…This book … Read More

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Cafe au Lait

This is a collection of about 184 recipes – a guide to authentic Haitian food with many cross-cultural recipes made from scratch with simple ingredients. A scrapbook of Haitian culture and everyday living as well as special events is woven … Read More

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Coleman’s Songs for Men

This is a reprint of the quartet book originally published in 1932 and enjoyed by quartets for many years until it went out of print. Songs 152-196 have been changed to men’s voice arrangement for this edition. 196 songs; hardcover; … Read More

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Come to the Manger

A collection of Christmas carols compiled by PrairieView Press. In this book you will find some songs that are hundreds of years old, some translated traditional carols from other lands, some well-known favorites, and some recently composed carols. None of … Read More

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Christmas Treasures

Compiled by Enos Stutzman. A collection of 316 Christmas songs. Paper with spiral binding; Stutzman.

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25 Favorite Stories from the Bible

Ura Miller. An inexpensive Bible story book for giving away. 56 pages; paper; TGS International.

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One Year Bible

The One Year Bible will make reading through the Bible in a year conveniently possible and easier to follow than a complicated reading chart. Each day’s reading has a portion of the Old Testament, the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs. … Read More

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