Hope Underground

Carlos Parra Diaz. For 10 weeks, 33 miners were trapped 700 meters underground. If all you’ve heard about this story is of their rescue, then you haven’t heard the full story: the stunning account of another Miner, an invisible Saviour, … Read More

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Redeeming Love

Compiled by Kevin W. Presley, this book is a collection of old and new songs. 241 songs; paperback; Legacy Music Publishing.

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Vic, A Dog of the Prairies

Thomas C. Hinkle. Vic, a big black dog, is befriended by eleven-year-old Gene. Vic does not trust grown men because of being mistreated numerous times. Gene tries to win Vic’s trust so that he will come live at the ranch … Read More

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The Wahoo Bobcat

Joseph W Lippincott. Written in 1950, this story describes Florida in more primitive days. Tiger is the king of bobcats, deep in the Florida water prairie wilderness. Bill Henry and Andy Rogers have drastically different feelings toward Tiger. Tiger saved … Read More

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The Red Roan Pony

Joseph Lippincott. Jimmie was only nine when he first saw Reddy, and the colt was very wild. But they understood each other at once. The story of this friendship makes for absorbing reading for any horse-loving boy or girl. Grade … Read More

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Awake My Soul

Forty-three songs from the following authors and composers: Austin Dirks, Bryce Dirks, Cherith Lehman, Dorene Dirks, Gina Ensz, Jed Buerge, Jenny Koehn, Joel Koehn, Les Dirks, Maxine Schartner, Patrick Zimmerman, Robyn Wedel, Rudy Bueckert, Savanna Unruh. Published by Les Dirks.

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Sing to Me

Compiled by Molly Nightingale and Minnie Schmidt, this songbook for little children has color illustrations and contains over 85 nursery rhymes, lullabies, Bible songs, and songs for baby showers. 96 pages; hardcover; CJM Publishing.

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Speaking From the Heart

Gary Loewen. “Speaking from the Heart” contains heartfelt essays on topics relevant to all Christians. Spiritual battles, illness, tragic death, and many everyday subjects are spoken of openly and in a down-to-earth way that will touch the heart. A common … Read More

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Follow Me

A sequel to A Captain for Hans and The Brickmakers. The difficulties for the Schweitzers of the Palatinate continue as they try to live their faith despite the pressures from the rulers. The next generation is faced with making their own decisions about … Read More

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Waymarks of Home

Berniece Penner. In Waymarks of Home Berniece, chronicles the events that have shaped her life. The author writes about the Father’s love that led from Kansas country roads to New York City streets—from the desert to the sea. She expresses … Read More

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