Me & Nobbles

Amy Le Feuvre. Bobby, the main character in this book, is raised without Mother or Father. His imaginary friend Nobbles, whom he talks to as a real person, is often his only comfort. This book tells the story of Bobby’s … Read More

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Harebell’s Friend

Amy Le Feuvre. This is a delightful story about a young girl named Harebell. As an orphan she came to live with her aunt. Her aunt doesn’t like children and would rather send her off to a boarding school. Ages 9-12. 140 pages; paper; … Read More

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A Lantern in the Window

Aileen Fisher. A story about the underground railroad that helped many runaway slaves to freedom in the mid-1800s. The Quaker home in the story was one of the stations along the way. Here these unfortunate folk were fed, clothed, and … Read More

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African Adventures

Dick Anderson. This book is a collection of eighteen short stories about Keyangak, a missionary in Kenya. Read about lions, hyenas, crocodiles, and snakes as well as the human beings who live and work alongside them. 96 pages; paper; Christian … Read More

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Andy Man

Amy Le Feuvre. Set in early twentieth century England, this story tells how orphaned Andy leaves London, meets John Dunstan, and becomes his ‘andy man’. Andy is honest, enthusiastic, and loves to work, but he is also headstrong and has … Read More

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The Treasure Hunt

Rebecca Martin. The Yoder family moves to Colorado to take advantage of cheap farmland. Young Joe has studied in history class about the gold rush that occurred some years before, and he seeks to find gold to help the family … Read More

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Swift Arrow

Josephine Cunnington Edwards. In this fictitious account, George Boylan is happy in his family’s new home on the frontier. One day a hand reaches out and grabs him; he is a captive of the Indians. After riding many miles north, … Read More

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Little Miriam of Galilee

“Can we keep living in Galilee?” Miriam wondered. It would take a miracle. A dishonest tax collector and a poor wheat harvest mean Miriam’s family could lose their home. But God helps . . . in a way they hadn’t … Read More

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Emmy Lou’s New Shoes

It was an exciting day! Emmy Lou was wearing new shoes, and her friend Becky would be coming home with her after school. But that afternoon she did not obey Mother’s warning about not wading in the swollen creek, and … Read More

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Rifka Sings

Harvey Yoder. Rifka, a young Muslim girl, lives in Sudan and loves to sing. When her family moves to England, everything is so strange that she no longer sings. Rifka eventually learns new ways, gains new friends, and learns new … Read More

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