Christian Endeavor Songs No. 2

337 songs; hardcover; PrairieView Press.

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Christian Endeavor Songs No. 1

310 songs; hardcover; PrairieView Press.

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Cast Thy Bread Book 4

This collection of songs includes many songs which were no longer in print in other books. Contains many good gospel songs, some hard to find. Young people and older will enjoy singing from these books. 109 songs; paper.

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Carols of Praise

Songs by Geraldine Koehn, Vivian Koehn, Darrell Koehn, Cindy Koehn, Larry Ensz, and Dwonn Ratzlaff. 23 songs; paper with spiral binding; Koehn.

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Break Forth into Singing No. 2

Songs written by Janelle Unruh, arranged by Geraldine Koehn. 37 songs; paper; Janelle Unruh.

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Best Loved Songs and Hymns

373 songs; hardcover; Sacred Selections.

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Beside Still Waters

Thirty-eight songs, most of which were composed by Vangi Millsap. 64 pages; paper; Millsap.

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Altar of Praise

Trish Boese. Twenty-seven songs by various authors including some songs written by Trish Boese. Paperback.

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