Plain Folks in CPS Camps

Until WWII, nonresistant Christians were not exempt from the draft and boot camp. In 1941, churches negotiated with the government to set up CPS camps. Peace-loving boys traveled far from home to work, serving several years without wages. Digging postholes, … Read More

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Called to Be a Soldier

This book tells the experiences of conscientious objectors in Canada during World War II. It details their lives in the camps where they performed alternative service instead of joining the army. Most of the boys were from Ontario, and they … Read More

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Why I Couldn’t Fight

Lloy A. Kniss. The author uses many of his experiences as a conscientious objector in military camps during World War I to explain his beliefs about fighting and using force. Addresses nonresistance in a scriptural way. 72 pages; paper; Christian … Read More

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The Whirlwind Cometh

Author anonymous. You will not soon forget this unusual book. This gripping story is neither history nor prophecy, but its central theme is nonresistance. A new Canadian prime minister comes into power and mandates that every young person must serve … Read More

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Nonresistance in Colonial Pennsylvania

Wilbur J. Bender. A historical account of Anabaptists in colonial America, this booklet illustrates how nonresistance was lived out in a setting that was turbulent and dangerous. 43 pages; paper; Eastern Mennonite Publications.

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A Change of Allegiance

Dean Taylor. The author tells how he and his wife became determined to follow Jesus without compromise while he was enlisted in the U.S. Army. They studied the Scriptures and church history to find answers to questions about loving your … Read More

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The Call of the SSS

Lyle Hostetler. A story of three young men coming before a local draft board requesting conscientious objector status. While the events and people are fictional, the methods of the government in dealing with them are based on current law and … Read More

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Twas Seeding Time

John L. Ruth. This book takes place more than 200 years ago in Pennsylvania during the American Revolution. It tells of the ridicule, injury, loss of crops and other material things that Mennonites endured during this time. 224 pages; paper; … Read More

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