Let’s Sing! Book One

Songs from various song writers. 57 songs. PrairieView Press.

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Let It Ring!

A songbook for school use for music class, classroom singing, or singing practice. 54 songs; 72 pages.

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Inspirational Songs for Men No. 2

146 songs including selections from the old Gospel Quartets. Paper.

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Himnario Cristiano Hardcover, with notes

Spanish equivalent of Christian Hymnal. 430 songs; Gospel Publishers.

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Strength and Song Book 2

Compiled by Geraldine Koehn, this songbook includes many of her own songs. Approximately 90 of these songs are not in Geraldine’s previous songbooks. 181 songs.

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Strength and Song Book 1

A collection of 66 songs by Geraldine Koehn. Selections include “He Comes to Bless My Soul,” “Running Free,” and “Underneath His Wings.” 110 pages.

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Everlasting Joy Book 1 & 2

THIS ITEM IS OUT OF PRINT. This combined volume is a collection of 64 songs. Composers include Yolanda Damen, Michela Toews, Valerie Boese, Dawn Nikkel, Rene Williams, Kyle Barkman, Robert S. Toews, Janet Klassen, Lynn Toews, and Galen Toews. 88 … Read More

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Country School Melodies

Songs from school days long ago. 136 songs; paper; PrairieView Press.

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A collection of children’s songs in the Spanish language which have been sung over the years in Sunday schools and Bible schools. Four-part harmony is provided for many of the songs. 143 songs; paper; PrairieView Press.

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