Great Gospel Songs and Hymns

Reprinted favorite. 379 songs; hardcover; Brentwood-Benson Music.

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The Great Beyond

An assortment of 167 songs, both old and new. Compiled by Jeanette Wiebe, this collection will be welcomed by youth as well as anyone who enjoys singing. Paper; Jeanette Wiebe.

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Gospel Hymns for Worship

215 songs carefully chosen to be suitable for church worship. Gospel Hymns for Worship is designed to accompany the Christian Hymnal, and songs relating to the major topics are included. 239 pages; hardcover; Gospel Publishers.

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The Golden Key

Maxine Schartner. 28 songs; 48 pages; softcover; Schartner.

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Golden School Days

A collection of songs sung in schools when our parents were children. Includes several songs for graduation and numerous state songs. 58 songs; paper; Koehn.

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Rounds for Singing

compiled by Geraldine Koehn. A collection ranging from simple, two-part rounds to very challenging ones. There are rounds for practice, rounds to cause chuckles, rounds about nature, and rounds to praise and adore our Maker. 72 pages.

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Fireside Songs

Compiled by Mrs. Lawrence Good. A collection of songs suitable for schools, youth, and general occasions. 114 songs; paper; PrairieView Press.

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Favorite Songs and Hymns

Reprinted favorite. 346 songs; hardcover; Brentwood-Benson Music.

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