Feeding the Multitudes

Compiled by Anita Goossen. A collection of recipes suitable for occasions when there is a crowd to feed. Many of these recipes are easily scalable to the size your group. Complete menu ideas are included as well as ingredient equivalent … Read More

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Feeding the Flock

This recipe book was compiled by the Cornelius E. Giesbrecht family. 260 pages; paper with spiral binding.

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Favorites from Our Table

Recipes collected by the Ben and Clara Goossen family. This cookbook was compiled by Anita Goossen and contains 550 recipes. A section titled “Gifts from the Kitchen” is included at the back of the book and contains ideas and recipes … Read More

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Down Memory Lane Cookbook

compiled by Gayla Toews. Contains 249 pages of the Eldon Johnson family favorite recipes. 260 pages; paper with plastic coil binding; Toews.

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Country Canning and Freezing

Compiled by Beverly Unruh. A canning and freezing cookbook with over 150 recipes, now in its second edition. Sections include fruits, vegetables, meats, pickles, jellies and jams, sauces, and other recipes. 122 pages; hardcover with ring binder.

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Cooking with Grandma

Compiled by Vivian Koehn, this cookbook contains favorites of the Dan Wiggers family. 258 pages of recipes to make any family enjoy mealtime. Plastic coil binding; Koehn.

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The Cooker Lady

Compiled by Deb Unruh. 210 pages of recipes collected by girls who served at Hogan Hozhoni. Plastic coil binding. Unruh.

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Come for Night Lunch

A snack cookbook compiled by Kathy Schultz and Esther Lou Mininger with 350 night lunch recipes. This cookbook offers one of the most extensive collections of snack recipes in one convenient book. Hardcover with comb-binding.

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Be My Guest

Compiled by the ladies of the West Point congregation in Mississippi, this book contains 154 pages of recipes; some with a southern style of cooking. Hardcover with plastic comb binding.

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Song Index bundle – 2010 & 2017

A bundle of the 2010 printed index plus the 2017 Song Index. The 2010 Song Index lists the titles of about 28,000 songs from almost 700 songbooks and has 322 pages. Softcover binding. The 2017 Song Index supplement includes indexes for 47 … Read More

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